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Pics from Koni Challenge in Lime Rock CT


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I was at Lime Rock this past Monday for the race. If you want to see the boys in action, here's the link:




You know, it must be just me and a handful of others, but what I'm finding is that there are not a lot of Mustang owners who care about road course racing. I think it's sweet that an S197 is leading the standings. Anyway...





And Robert, if this is in the wrong forum, please bring me in for a stop and go penalty...



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Great pics Pitpup! I also really like your site. The stangs have been shut out of the last 2 races. I wonder if it is the cornering that's getting them? I also had to laugh when I saw the engine compartment on the Rousch car - No Strut tower brace. None of the FR500Cs have them (although I thought I read that Rousch isn't really campaigning a FR500C - it sure looks like one). What's up with that? Maybe we don't really need one either. Is that an extra piece welded on to the top of the strut tower? I'm going to have to take a look when I get home.


At least the FR500C won its first race over in England this week. :happy feet:

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Well, well. Speaking of the Koni Challenge, look what I won last night on eBay. This

is from the Iowa Race earlier this year. It does not have the #59 anywhere on the

bumper, but you know it's from Rehagen Racing as they have the only GO Stang

on the circuit this year...




Signed by Dean Martin (and I asked for Jack Roush Jr. to put his on there, too...) it will

make a nice addition to my racing collection!


Thanks Dean, for driving like poop at Iowa! ;)

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Thank, Moab. I plan on going to Watkins Glen and I have a better feel for my camera now, so I'm hoping the action shots are better. Keep in mind this is a $250 Kodak Z650, too. Not a mac daddy of digitial cameras. Nice, but not a professional model by any means.

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