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2011 Stock Supercharger Question..

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Hello All,

Since acquiring the Shelby, I have always tried to figure out why Ford did not do a better finish color and quality on the factory blower. I really dislike the appearance of both the blower and the stock coil covers. Coil covers are easy. Blower replacement is not in the cards.....


So, has anyone done something to the finish on the stock blower? For me, it would look so much better in black. Has anyone ever painted theirs? Any concerns with heat? (both retention and or paint resistance)


I've pretty much got the exterior done where I want it, and now it's time for the engine bay. Picked up this pair of coil covers at a very good price, but sure would like to do something with the blower.....


Anything you all can share would be appreciated.









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It's not exactly the Da Vinci Code.


A better blower finish is very likely something Ford decided would incur added cost and/or complexity without affecting one iota a customer's buying decision or increasing the amount Ford would be able to command. Peripherally, it also makes the line of superchargers available from Ford Racing just that much more attractive beyond their increased power potential.


Very few products anywhere are made to a standard of "as good as possible". The overwhelming majority are made "as good as is affordable" and "no worse than buyers are willing to accept" - be it a car, a house or underwear.

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There are a couple of threads on the SVTP site, not so much stock 2011 blowers, but painted & powder coated 13/14 blowers, may give you some ideas.

Have upgraded both of my cars, so it was never a concern.







Very nice!! Love the blue blower. Looks great!! I also noticed your fill cap covers. I just picked that set up as well, at an awesome price. (200)

Have wanted that set since I discovered them.


Beautiful job!! Thanks for the pics.

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