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New Gt500 With More Power To Be Revealed


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Yeah, Dodge managed 707hp at the crank, but it also cost them 500lbs more than the 2013/4 GT500 weighs (based on the specs they've released so far). For only 55 more hp (that we could get with a simple pulley/TB/CAI change on a GT500) that's a heck of a lot of weight to give up. I'm curious to see how it performs in real world numbers and feel.

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It's only a matter of time when Ford re-claims the HP crown. :cool:


I'm not even sure they have to. As long as they build a fast - very fast - and nimble car that doesn't feel like piloting a tank, they'll always get my vote over the Challenger. I have some admiration for what Dodge is doing and I've always admired the sack it's taken to build stuff like the Viper and Prowler, and I love the looks of the Challenger, it's just the wrong platform for me.


Well, aside from not being a Ford, that is.

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Why doesn't Ford SVT just make a signature arrangement with the SA shop to release the Shelby 1000 as a production model (wide body kit optional) and be done with it! War is over!



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