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Follow Up Questions On Ss Conversion

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For those who have done it, is the SS driveable on the street? What I mean is, will my wife refuse to ride with me if I decide to take it to dinner because I'll rattle her fillings out or will she refuse a weekend gettaway because the noise and ride is so rough.


As I posted in my other question, I have the FRPP L springs and I replaced my UCA and mount as well as LCAs with a poly/spherical solid arm so there I have increased my NVH some already but it's totally liveable and I actually enjoy a little bit more noise. That said, if I amped it up a lot then part of the appeal of using the car for a fun gettaway would be lost.


And finally, what additional maintenance am I looking at with the SS? I don't drive my Shelby a ton as is, I've only put on 1100 miles in the 10 months I've had the car.


Thanks again!

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Thanks for that. It's so very tempting. Is the drone when cruising on the highway so loud you have to yell or is it just the mashing of the pedal for the bursts of acceleration that brings the noise?


I think I've got to at least explore this a bit.

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With the earlier cars (07-09 at least) .331 gears and at about 60-65 mph the drone is annoying (but you won't have to yell). However, .373 gears take you out of that RPM range for most of your crusing and I'm not sure that the newer cars are still having that issue. In any case, it definately is not a reason to not get one.



Just do it!

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