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Hello all,


I was asked to post some photos and share how I came to be the new owner of a GT-H.


I recently purchased #139 at Park Place Ltd in Bellevue, WA. It had been on their lot for a couple of months. I took it for a spin a month before I bought it and was quite pleased with how it ran, considering it had basically been sitting for 7 years. The owner, had only put 1,650 miles on it since 2007.


The car was a Washington rental and the only rental info I have came from "Hertz II", who does a wonderful job tracking GT-Hs that are for sale on this Forum. Evidently someone rented it and drove along the west coast for 1,300 miles. That's all I have, hopefully I'll be talking to the last owner and he might shed more light on the cars history.


Interestingly enough, my Hertz is the second one that resides in the small town where I live.


I've always been a Corvette guy, but in 2010 I bought my first Mustang from my Dad. At the time, it had 8000 miles, still smelled like a new car! In 2005, he had located the 1966 Shelby GT 350 "Hertz" Mustang he once owned in the mid-80s. It had undergone a spot on restoration and was for sale by the manager of one of the local Ford dealerships near Seattle. I talked him out of buying it, figuring it would just sit. My thought was he should purchase an '05, have some gold stripes painted on and drive the wheels off it. He added some gold rocker stripes, gold grills and for a year had a pretty unique car. And then...Shelby, Ford and Hertz got together and cloned my Dad's car!!! He was not pleased and stopped driving it.


After I bought it, I lowered it and had hood pins installed. Then added a cold air intake and tune, which made the car pretty frisky. I completed the engine mods with Borla exhaust. I put 12,000 miles on the car before succumbing to a weak moment when I sold it. Almost immediately I regretted selling the car and tried twice to buy it back. I would have paid stupid money to get it back, but the current owners were not interested.


I had been tracking the "for sale" GT-Hs on this site for a few years and recently decided to pursue getting one. I was fortunate to find one right in my back yard. It is in very good condition, but not so much so, that I'll be afraid to drive it. I've had a few collectible cars over the years and my MO has always been to "save them for the next guy"! My intent is to enjoy this car from the drivers seat...on the highways and byways. The next guy will still get a great car, just with some fun miles racked up. I tinted the windows and will leave everything else, as is.


As for my advice to my Dad, well, he could have doubled his money on the 66 within 2 years! He still talks to me!!


I did post more photos on my Gallery.


I look forward to delving into the forum.


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Congrats on the EXCELLENT purchase of 06H139. Your attached pic is amazing. You will find other owners that can give you info on your Hertz on this forum.

With that few of miles I can understand why you would be afraid to drive the car. And being a CA car maybe by chance it hasn't seen rain, just salt air.

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