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Engine Knocking

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How many miles? Ticking/knocking after warming up? At what RPM level?


Obviously, check the oil levels, make sure it's not under-filled/over-filled. Did they service as a GT500 ---- With the proper oil and with fill aligned to the characteristic of the vehicle?


Record the ticking/knocking ----- take it back, log the incident, make sure they check it out......

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Ticking and knocking are two different things in my book. If knocking started after an oil change definitely pull the dipstick. The mechanic may have had poor eyesight and read the line in the manual showing the oil capacity of a 6 cylinder... You wouldn't think they would turn just anybody loose on a Shelby but I wouldn't be surprised by anything. If your car has the oil cooler too that probably takes another quart but being only a quart low shouldn't cause knocking. Many years ago I had my 4 cylinder 1985 S10 pickup serviced at a quick lub and the idiot put about 3 quarts too much in. I think it only had a 4 quart capacity anyway but the 16 year old punk doing the work probably thought he was doing me a favor giving me a little extra.

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Yup. Check your receipt. I bet you almost anything they didn't put synthetic 5w/50 in it. In the older 5.4, it was better for performance. In the newer 5.8, it's an absolute must that the oil be correct. There are pinhole lubrication channels that are required to properly lubricate this engine. This case is likely that they used a thinner oil, so it won't crater your engine, but they need to address it. If they blow you off- tell them you are gonna send a sample to a lab, and punt it to Ford.


There are two things that will spell doom for our engines-

1. Any kind of debris that makes it through the filter to clog up those holes,

2. Oil that is too thick to travel through them.

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6,000 miles. They put the right oil and amount in. Of course I drive today 15 minutes and its gone...it hasn't done it before, so better safe than sorry. Plus it'll be on the books. Ill let everyone know the verdict.

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Not the same car but I have a 13 Boss LS. I drove it about 1000 miles no issue, start up one morning and its knocking like a box of rocks. Not ticking, pinging, it sounded like something was broken. Towed it into Ford dealer and it was a knock sensor or something like that. They knew about it before they looked at it. Apparently a software issue and I was out of there in an hour and no problems since. (a year ago).

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