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Sai's Ebay Store Is Back!

Akos (AJ)

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As of today 6/19/14 we have revived our official EBay Store and auction site.


It's the place where Shelby fans can find one-of items, rare collectibles, unique parts and even take-off or open box parts.


You can go to http://stores.ebay.com/shelbyauctions and already see some interesting items, like the 2 autographed tool-boxes or the unique GT350 neon light.


If you have any questions about the items being auctioned off, feel free to contact Tom through the actual EBay page.


Happy Bidding!


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Are these supposed to be good deals? I'm looking at the Paxton Supercharger Kits and they are more expense than the one's listed in the SPP site. Is that because they have the "Shelby Plate" on them? Seems silly. If you want to sell them, blow them out at a decent price, with free shipping.

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