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New 2008 Gt500 Owner


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So, i've made my down payment on a 2008 gt500, black, 16K miles (although I'm in Canada), no stripes and I'm looking forward to trying out a mustang. I've been a GM guy for ever, I'm a painter at a GM dealership for the last 13 years as well.

I've always been a big fan of G-bodys and have had 10 different ones.

I recently sold my last 86 Regal T-Type that I've had for the last 5 years. It's a once in a while 10 second driver. I've had it out with countless Shelbys new and old and have literally destroyed them with ease for years..... to be honest, they were my favorite kills :) my car looked stock but was a road monster. I pumped in about 30K for parts over the last 5 years to make it that fast and loved every minute of it!


I've always really liked GT500's and always told my wife that if I ever sold my Regal, thats what I wanted to buy. As much as I loved my Regal, it was time for a change, I've had a G-body since I was 16 and I'm 35 now. I've always had one but now I've got a 2013 Sierra 6.2L, it's supercharged, cammed, pretty much everything, putting out 590 RWHP, so it's just a fun as hell truck to boot around in but I missed having a car, I got a good line on a GT500 and will be picking it up in the next week.


It's got a the usual mods (CIA, pulley and tune, exhaust.. etc) and is is great shape. I'm planning on putting the alloy stripe package on it (I love the look) and next year, go nuts and shoot for 700rwhp. I had a hard time deciding between and older one or a newer one with the aluminum motor. I choose the older 5.4L for no real reason other than I could get one in a reasonable price range and still mod it the way I want. Although it may not have the better motor, I know the 5.4L's are great engines. I can dump 10-15K into it right away and make it mine, rather than not being able to do much as 55K at least is a bit much, considering I've got other hobbys that cost just as much LOL.


I hope once I start to do some mods, I'll have a build thread but it will still be a few months before I do anything.


I'm looking forward to laying rubber ( even though it will take a while to get used to a standard again lol) and haveing a modern muscle car!!

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Welcome! I am new as well also, and it's great to see people buying up these great cars!


In one of Carroll Shelbys' interviews, he stated that he personally thought that the 5.4 motor was "the best motor ever made in the USA". Can't get much better recommendation than that. You'll love your 5.4 !


This!!! I completely agree! This 5.4 is STOUT! Very smooth and just rips! Glad I made the change.

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