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Ron Pratte Collection Tour- Pics


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Yesterday I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to tour the collection of Ron Pratte here in Chandler, AZ. The museum is absolutely unbelievable and obviously top notch in every aspect. Highlights for me included his passion for Fords- obviously through the years he's amassed an amazing amount of vehicles and ford memorabilia which were truly amazing to see. I was so interested in what I was seeing that I regret not taking more pictures. I am fortunate to have been able to see all of this in one place before it gets sold at Barrett Jackson this upcoming year. Of the entire collection, my favorite's included the supersnake and a nice black/black boss 429.


























































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Thanks for sharing the Photos. Once the Building is empty, I wonder what he is going to do with it...........That Yellow 65 Fastback with Silver Stripes looks like "Crazy Horse" by Boyd Cottington.

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Awesome, thanx for posting...


The Futureliner is wicked cool, and I dig the planes too....


There was one piece of art, Ken Miles (in helmet) talking to Carroll Shelby, would love to add that to my collection.


Mustangs & Shelbys, meh...to me, the uber rare one off stuff is what turns my crankshaft

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I want to tour Jay Leno's garage one day. I've always wondered if he ever let clubs come and do tours.


You need to know a guy, who knows a guy for Leno, and then when you get in, no pix...I've been, and its an awesome place. Plus Jay is a cool breezer too

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Thank you for sharing! I've always wondered what his collection looked like after seeing him so many times on BJ.


Sorry to see him sell, I'm sure he has his reasons. No matter what you end up out of his collection, it will be worth it.

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Thank you for the photos.


This will be for sale at January Barrett Jackson 2015 or will this be a separate sale Barrett is hosting? There is some trinkets in that museum that I would dearly love to have.

Scottsdale 2015

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