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Keene Bell Supercharger Severely Damaged By Jon Bond Performance


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I came first across this story at GarageJournal forums, and felt it should be shared here at the TeamShelby forums: The OP there wanted to post it here at TS, but had difficulty registering, so asked me to share it.




The OP there also posted it at SVT forums, and the replies there are more informative, including a reply from Jon Bond:


















The OP over there had a 4.6 Cobra, but since I have two GT500s and therefore post and follow these sections, wanted to share it here. I am betting that members at TS will want to hear this story and give input.


I don't see that Jon Bond denies damaging the case in the replies seen on the SVT forums, but he does not seem to understand why the owner is upset since the case, in Bond's opinion, was unusable anyhow.


My thoughts on it are that JB does not seem to get the idea that returning something which was valued by the owner enough that he kept it in superb condition means that that condition needs to be maintained. I do believe that JB considered the case to be worthless so threw it in the scrapheap and proceeded to do the rebuild, assuming the owner would agree. Regardless, he destroyed it, so he at least owes the owner a new case, intact. It looks like they destroyed the rotors as well.


I have looked at some of Jon Bond' Performance's how-to videos on the internet. I was not impressed. He seems rather careless in the way he handles cases, and his shop looks dirty. I also think he has a half-assed jerry-rig approach to rebuilding superchargers. I would never send him a supercharger for a rebuild just based on those videos alone. Add to it those dramatic pictures of the thrashed supercharger case - and his way of seeing things in terms of customer service and care is completely contrary to what most Shelby owners hold as a standard.


I did a little digging on the internet, and some love Jon Bond, and some had bad experiences. I for one would not want to take a 50/50 chance on being satisfied with results.

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