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*canton Billet Intercoolant Tank Issue*

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Good Morning Guys//

I have an 2007 Shelby.Not long ago,I bought some *UnderHood Dress-Up Goodies*

to give it the Bling Effect.The *Cap Covers are NOT Matching ones*...So,The Cap

Cover for the Intercooler is from Pirate Manuf..Nice Heavy Chromed Billet Cap.It has

the 3M/VHB Adhesive Tape and 2/Set Screws.The Tank isn't the Larger One,but,I

figured it was sufficient and holds aliittle more than the Fact. Tank.

So,I installed the Billet Cap over the Fact. Cap and Eveything seemed Good.When I

go down the Road a short distance [About 4/Miles Each Way]I come home.I open the

Hood and there always Coolant that seems to have leaked out from the Fact. Cap and

gets splattered around that area.It's gettingto be a **P.I.T.A.*,Honestly!.I emptied the

coolant from the fact. tank into the Canton,and it was like 1/2 Full.I did not add anymore

coolant as I didn't think it would need it,and to allow room for Expansion.There are no

pinched hoses.

Would anyone have an idea what would cause this?? **Thank You In Advance for Your

Info/Help & Response.Have A Nice Day/ :) .

Best Regards//


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