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Replacement Battery Leads?

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While charging the battery on my '08 Shelby GT, I noticed that parts of the positive battery lead broke off: namely a strip of metal (a bracket) that holds a nut and bolt securing two angular pieces of metal. Upon closer examination, I see that both battery leads are made of flimsy looking sheet metal instead of traditional heavy-duty lead clamps (which I prefer).


Now the positive battery lead is loose, not a good situation.


Is there a replacement battery lead set (positive and negative) to replace this sheet metal business? Hopefully one with traditional heavy-dute clamps and a connector (somewhere down next to the firewall, I presume) rather than having to cut and splice one on?



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try O'Reilly's. I may be wrong, but I think I've seen some battery lead sets on some shelves next to where they stock batteries. assuming all O'Reilly auto parts stores have same inventory. But I really didn't pay attention because i was just looking for battery clamps at the time.

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