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Thanks Alex. We bought a place 3 acres 3300 sq foot house in pool house ground pool jacuzzi 30x50 shop going to set up the hydro graphic shop there

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My car transport buddy here in Denver hooked me up with Lamb for my car's trip to Shelby for the SC. They were great. However I did feel bad for the guy getting his decked out rig all dusty as he came down our dirt road from the bad direction that made him go a long ways on dirt.





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I use Intercity for my primary and Reliable as backup. I just had my GT moved to Las Vegas and Intercity couldn't find a truck for over a month that could do Denver to Vegas. The normal routing folks at Reliable had the same response but I got ahold of the guy that is arranging the transport for the Ford GT rally and he got me first spot on an empty truck that was gong from Wyoming, right by my house (if he hadn't stopped) to Frisco to pick up two Chrysler test vehicles that were going to Vegas. That was on two days' notice...

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