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How Much To Pay For A Shelby Gt500

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i am looking at buying a 2011 shelby gt 500 kona blue with white stripes and they want 40,000.00 is that a good price the car has 13,000 miles and at a dealer in texas was on ebay any information would be greatly appreciated this is my first time shelby buy and want to do it right and be happy first time around and got lots of good input in the past from this forum thank u all in advance :)

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I bought my 2011 Grabber about a year ago, SVTPP, Electronics Package, about 11600 miles for 41K. Car is considered a Ford Certified Used Car, so 50K warranty, and at that time, used car financing through Ford Motor at 2.9%.......


Try for a few thousand less I think.




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Understanding that "less" is always better, is it a price you can afford and would you rather have the car more than the money required to buy it? If so, it's a good deal whatever the price (or the car) may be.


But if you want to know FMV, knowing how well equipped (or not) the car happens to be would be helpful. If you want to ensure you "do it right", also try to buy a CPO car or one that's not yet at its 3/36 limit so you can extend the warranty yourself with a Ford ESP up to 7/125 with three levels of coverage and almost any deductible you choose.


But above all, make sure the car hasn't been modded in any way that could leave you holding the bag for the whole powertrain. Not all tunes are created equal. Nor are the people who buy and try them. More than one dingus has thrown in an ultra-aggressive tune and left a piston on the verge of failing.


Even cars owned by little old ladies may have been beaten to hell on her way to church and doctors' appointments.

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the 2 vehicles i was looking at was a 2010 dark blue shelby supersnake with 4,000 miles ok it for $75.000 vin 1ZBP8JS7A5147081 OR A 2011 DARK BLUE SHELBY GT500 WITH 13,500 MILES FOR $38,000 VIN 1ZBP8JSOB5158442 AND SUPERSNAKE THIS CAR IF I BUY A SUPERSNAKE FROM A PRIVATE OWNER CAN I BUY A CERTIFICATE FROM SHELBY IN MY NAME WAS CURIOUS ??

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is this a good price for a supersnake and is this a real one and not a copy or clone any help would be greatly appreciated thanks ?

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