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Shelby Automotive Museum Coming To Gardena, Ca


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Looks like there are now 4 Shelby Museums:


1. At the Shelby American Collection in Boulder, CO
2. The Shelby American site in Las Vegas
3. The Larry H Miller collection at Miller Motorsports in Salt Lake
4. The new museum in Gardena.

(And though not necessarily a formal museum, I think the Denbeste collection counts to some degree.)

It looks from the presence if CSX2299 (Daytona Coupe #13) in Gardena that Miller will also have a presence there. I don't know what this means to the Boulder site - there are only so many cars to go around.

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Maybe Entry Fee's will start to drop now. I don't go to Museums that much because that charge to much to look at other peoples stuff.

The Las Vegas one is Free (other than the stuff you can't leave without buying), the Boulder one is $5, so it doesn't seem to unreasonable. The Miller one has been free the times that I have been there also, but that was during race events, not sure if there is normally a charge or not.

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I do not mind the fees for auto museums to see someone else's toys. It costs for staff, a/c, lights, etc. SA collection is part of a factory operation so being a freebee is understandable. But then there is the strategically placed gift shop between the display area and the entrance/exit! Some auto museums can be pricey, like Nethercutt, Blackhawk and Petersen.

I am looking forward to seeing the new Shelby Museum in Gardena as I have ben to the shop many time since the 1980s. Too bad some displays from CS' first office in the back building (now gone) on Anelo Ave. are not around any longer. His later office on the second floor of the current S. Figueroa entrance was not as cool.

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