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Duffy's Collectable Cars...warning!

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I recently purchased a 2008 GT500 KR from Duffys Collectable Cars near Cedar Rapids, IA; (you may have seen my thread about it last month).The add and YouTube video (shown below) both stated and showed that the car came with a car cover, it was a custom,color-matched cover according to the original owner, who I spoke with today. When the car arrived the cover was not in the car. A call to the CEO of Duffy's ended with him refusing to send the cover and saying I had an attitude. The cover is valued at $400.00. I purchased the car in March and he has yet to send me my signed copies of the contract either. The CEO Jamie, is not a very nice person and his reputation is noted by his now 11 Better Business Bureau complaints. I spent almost 47K and was treated like crap. Oh, he also sold two other cars identical to mine around the same time. Once I complained about the cover he removed all three from his "sold" inventory. I can only conclude that he gave my car cover to the buyer of one of the other KRs. He also gave me a owner's manual from a different car which was missing the important KR documentation; I'm sure mine went with another car as well. I'm sure I'll never see my car cover, but if one of the people who bought one of the other Silver 08/09 KRs has it...enjoy it because it was a nice bonus. PS. He also made my loan officer cry by yelling at her over the phone when she asked him to send her the title. He refused.

I would not recommend this dealership, it's not worth the trouble.

See the video for yourselves. The first comment (shown on the YouTube version) is the written add for the car.


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Places to look at buying cars........Duffy's.





I actually contacted them on one of the KRs but it was sold before I could pull the trigger. I guess that I dodged the bullet, sometimes I guess it's better to be lucky than good. I won't be looking there again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I will avoid these guys too... The video shows the brake kit and the Shelby Car Cover. Sorry to hear this... Maybe Santa will bring you one this year. He brought me one this past Christmas!!!! I love it because it's so soft and fits like a glove.

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I would post your experience on other Mustang forums as well. I inquired about a Boss 302 there a few years ago and got the run around. "I think it sold, yes we have a deposit, no it is still available but we increased the price to $42900" due to high demand". I ran vs walked away. Good luck on locating or getting your cover.

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