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Dipstick Tube Broke Flush With Block....

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An update, I said f'it and plugged up the whole with some JB Weld for now. Come my next 3 day weekend I will take the pan off, knock the rest of the tube out and replace. I may get a larger capacity pan...


To ad insult to injury, I was buttoning the car back up after a header and h-pipe install, the mcgard wheel lock key sheared off in the wheel lock... I wasn't even to 100 lbs yet. So now I get to deal with that...


The JBA Longtubes and Catted H-Pipe sound pretty sweet though.

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I completely Understand. Bad week for me too. When I bought the car the previous owner didn't have the key or kept it and didn't place in vehicle. Well I just noticed. Took a 7/8 socket hammered it on and took a 18th 1/2 breaker bar and took them right off. Got careless hamming hit my wheel. Now I have 3 "rock chips" on my wheel. Hope this helps. The socket might not seem like it will go on but Hammer it like 20 times and it will stay put. You will ruin the socket and wheel locks doing it but it beats paying the dealer 100 service fee to just have them look at the cad and charge you on top for each wheel. Also beats having a custom key made. Overall cost. $3. Bought a socket I didn't care about at a flea market! Hope your week gets better.


Thank you for your time,



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