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Five Star Roll Over Rating Verts Vs Coupes?

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I have a really nice '10 Coupe, but I'm thinking of selling it for a same year convertible. IMHO I feel the 2010 models were the last 'real' muscle cars, because they came with an iron block, and the best stock clutch. Plus, I don't like unproven technology in the whole 'plasma coating transfer' they give the cylinder bores, in the 11's and up.


I went for a ride in the Vert I would purchase, and loved the sound, and whole driving experience top down! Enough so, that I am seriously considering a vert. Even at 100+ speeds, top up, it's quieter inside than my '11 Nissan! I don't track my cars, so advice against a Vert for this reason is not important to me. What is important is safety!


I did some research, and the Verts get a 5 star rating in rollovers. I was all thrilled about this until I looked for more data. The seller claims that Ford built the convertible's roof to protect in a rollover, to 100mph. He claims they did this by using stronger metal in the bar of the roof. In effect, a "roll bar". I couldn't' find any proof of this info online.


The NHTSA 5 star rating, unless I'm mistaken, is for "roll over protection". Initially I thought that meant, "in a rollover it's as safe as the coupe". Perhaps Ford made the A pillars strong, etc. I have received conflicting information as to what that rating means.


There was one forum site that stated the 5 star roll over rating means:


"The car has strong resistance to rolling over (due to a low center of gravity), but if, or once it does roll over, you are screwed."


How accurate is that statement?





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I have a 2010 convertible and I just try really hard not to roll it. Buy it , it's a totally different driving experience. I have always owned a convertible and have never come close to rolling. I have had 4 verts , 1964 chevelle , 1989 gt, 2000 saleen speedster, 2010 Shelby gt 500, Knock on wood.

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Bought my first vert in 1972--it was a '59 MGA. My 07 vert is the 8th I've owned, including a 1972 Jensen Healey and a 1982 Fiat Spider that were my son's primary cars in high school.......the JH came with a roll bar installed. We put one in the Fiat. A friend who had done considerable sports car racing in his youth referred to them both as "one bounce bars". If it's not a cage-built car, the roll bar is not going to stand up to a Nascar style flip, spin & roll. Neither is anything else. NHTSA data shows that there is NO tire/car combo that will roll over without first having struck something to cause it to flip (ditch culvert, tree stump, small animal). Nevertheless, there's always that chance. I put 2 teenage boys in convertibles and never really worried about them flipping. I've been driving one continuously since 1972 and nary a flip or ever come close. No, I don't believe it is as safe as a closed car. 5 star rating? Maybe by government standards the reinforced windshield frame serves as a "one bounce bar". Don't worry, be happy and enjoy a vert! BTW, the Fiat and the JH (now replaced by an 06 GT Mustang).....and my 07 vert carry even more precious cargo from time to time than before-----my grandchildren, so I have no fear of verts. Hopefully none of the grandkids will either.......Enjoy, life is short, let the wind blow through your hair while you still have some!

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