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Any Engine Experts On Here?

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I have no clue and is why I'm asking this


My 2013 GT350 Conv


What is the normal operating range for Oil Pressure on these 5.0 Coyote's? I went to start it up as haven't done it for about 10-12 days as busy with my move and I notice it jumps straight to 90-95 right after the start. I let it warm up but its still 75-80 and after I rev it then it jumps straight to 100. After idling about 10 mins it drops to 50 and eventually around 35 and remember just idling but any rev is sending it back to 90.


This doesn't seem right so I go get in the 2008 Shelby GT/SC and upon start up never goes past 75 even after reving it a few times. After warmed up drops below 50


I'm very familiar with the old 302, 351C, even big blocks not so much on the modular engines, so is this normal on the Coyote's?

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