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Sdac Club Convention In Wi

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I see the Shelby Ddoge club national convention is in Alpine va;lley WI about 10 miles from my farm in Waukesha will have to get the GLHS out of storage, SAAC 39 was great for the Ford people now this for the Ddoge types life is great. Go the SDAC website for details, Bruce

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Yep, the kit is installed and I'm loving it! This year my "to do list" for the S includes replacing the radiator (yet again), replacing the water pump (it's leaking and the bearings are howling), and finally fixing my fuel level sending unit. All the parts are aquired, just waiting on me having the time to do it.


Right now I'm working on replacing an axle and both front struts and bearing on the Lancer.


Oh well... I guess I should stop thread jacking.


Back on topic, it would have been nice to meet you in person Bruce, but alas SDAC isn't in the cards for me this year. Say 'hi' to all the guys for me! :)

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Stoped at Shelby convention in WI for a couple hours, meet some really nice people made some new friends looked at some nice cars, gave out some fress CSXT literature that I had extras on really enjoyed myslef nice job to the people who set it up. Nice location gave out my phone number to those who are close to my farm in WI and would like to look at my Shelby Dodge and Shelby Ford collection, Bruce 262-549-6293 again nice time at your convention.

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