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2014 Carroll Shelby Tribute & Car Show Shout Out To The Volunteers


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Just wanted to recognize the individuals who made in the fantastic Team Shelby PCR Carroll Shelby Tribute Car show yesterday possible -


Dan Cadana, Tim Rieve, Captain Randall Richardson + Enis Yeneriz for coordinating the load in and parking. They put 10 lbs of sand in a 5 lb bag very efficiently with world class smiles and demeanor!


Laura Cadena for almost singlehandedly completing registration and tabulating the popular vote.(assisted by Tom and Dan)


Tom Dankel for the multitasking all over the place.


You are all great friends of Shelby and our club


THANK YOU So much!!!!

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I'd like to give a nod as well to all of the volunteers, you all made it seamless and efficient. :thumbsup:


As Enis stated there are lots of good car shows, this one was GREAT.


Of course, you couldn't get it done without the fantastic support from the entire staff at Shelby, both in Gardena and Las Vegas. Tip 'o the cap to you all of you as well :hat_tip:


Motor on



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Thank you Michael, Jenni, and the rest of the Shelby Foundation and Shelby American who worked so hard on making this a successful event! :salute:


Also it was great working along side Tim, Tom, Enis, Randy and of course my wife Laura.


I think the show went very smoothly and the few kinks that we came across were solved rather quickly.


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