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Fays2 W/track Pack


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I have a 2013 GT500 w/Track Pack. Working on installing the Billet Fays2 Watts Link and have a couple questions about fitting the Axle Mounts:


The drivers side has a bolt on top of axle

The passenger side has a screw that holds a Diff Therm wiring clip.


I can get the Drivers side bracket to clear the bolt (1/4 inch to outside). On the Passenger side, I removed the plastic clip that connects to screw, and can mount the bracket but to 45 degree downward minimum.


I curious what others have done. Did you remove the screw entirely (hacksaw) to get more flexibility with passenger bracket. How critical is the angle (4:00 in instructions vs 45 degrees with screw in place)


Spoke to Jim today, he wasn't familiar with the Track Pack axle.





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I installed a Fays 2 this week on my 07. I would file the remainder of the screw off. My passenger side mount is angled roughly at 45°. You will have to rotate it to make the arm level. Ultimately you want the arms equal lengths, parallel to the axle ( all with the suspension loaded) and the pivot clocked on the bottom between 6&7. If I said anything wrong I'm sure Albino or Viper will chime in...

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