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Ugh, Air Bag Light...

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So yesterday I installed an Engine Start button in my 09, All went well and the instructions were pretty clear. However today when I took a drive the Airbag warning light illuminated on the dash? What could be causing this? is it the bag on the steering wheel or the drivers seat? any insight would be much appreciated.



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The air bag light may be displaying a fault code. That code will direct you to the problem area or failed component. Count the flashes. It probably will be a two digit number. After you determine the fault code, do a google search for it. For example, a code 33 might be a failed passenger seat sensor or wiring. You can then check that wiring.

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Wonder if an OBDII scanner would list that fault?

If so, and you have something like that or an SCT tuner, that could help pinpoint the issue.


Last year I used my cars' SCT tuner on my Ranger truck to help diagnose an evap solenoid issue.

Worked great and the cost of repair was less than $1 worth of solvent to free up the sticking solenoid.

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