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Accessory Belt And Supercharger Belt Replacement

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I bought my wife's 2007 Pilot at around the same time I bought the 2007 GT500. Her accessory belt failed a few weeks ago with 45K miles on it. My GT500 has 136K miles now and still has the original belts. However I do not know if Ford changed the belts when I picked up the car in Ohio. The Ohio Ford Dealer picked it up directly from the Ford testing grounds where Ford put 50K miles on it before I received it!


Anyway my two belts just arrived and I was trying to find an install procedure on this forum but there were only two mentions about belt replacement and they were not very complete. Has anyone changed out both belts? Grabber do you have the belt install PDF from the Ford Manual for both belts. I read somewhere that it requires two people to change out the belts? I hope that is not the case.


Just trying to be proactive and avoid getting stuck somewhere with a ripped up belt. (At least I don't have to worry about it failing late at night in San Jose coming back from a Sharks Playoff game this year. Lost 4 straight after winning the first 3...Dang!)


As I mentioned in a previous post today I just recently had to replace the 8 year old battery so replacing both belts also seems prudent at this time.


Thanks Everyone,


MSB Mustang / Mark

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You only need one person to change the belts.

I upgraded my blower belt to an HD green one about a year ago, and it was not too difficult.

You do have to remove the accessory belt first though, as the blower belt is positioned behind it.

I also picked up a Serpentine belt tool, as it is hard to reach the accessory tensioner from the top without one.

It is pretty tight down there, and you need a relatively flat and long bar to reach down to it.

Here is a routing guide for the belts.

Belt Routing Color.jpg

Serpentine Belt Tool.jpg

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Thanks MSB64,


That is a great color diagram. I will have to see if my local ORiley's has the Serpentine Belt Tool.


Best GT500 Regards from one MSB to another MSB!

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Another note. The blower belt tensioner needs to be removed to R&R the belt. When bolting it back in, you can align the bolt and tighten with the tensioner aligned wrong (two alignment pins NOT in the correct location). Be aware. I have the tensioner tool but it doesn't ratchet. I found the Harbor Freight 20"x3/8" ratcheting breaker bar to be more effective. Moving the radiator tank aside makes things way easier.



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No problem, I didn't make that diagram, but it sure comes in handy.

Some of the belt overlapping does not appear to be shown correctly, but the routing is.

When I get a chance I will clean it up and post it.

Btw, I'm also into audio gear myself, but mostly vintage restoration/modification of stuff like Threshold, Infinity & Hafler.

I love that old "Made In The USA" build quality, rock solid pieces that can easily handle high current loads under 4 ohms.

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I took both my belts off to do my recent crank pulley swap.


I'd just like to add it will make it MUCH easier if you take the bolts out securing your coolant reservoir and intercooler reservoir then tie them out of the way using a bungee strap: I secured mine to the tower brace.


You don't have to drain them to do this.


I used a long breaker for the SC belt and a spanner for the accessory belt wrapped in a towel to stop it digging in to my fingers.


Once you've worked out which way each tool goes to slacken the belts off it looks really obvious.


It took some working out how to get the tools in to slacken each belt off. In fact I not only had the reservoirs out of the way I had the fan removed as well which gives a surprising amount of space there.


Though like I said I was changing the crank pulley so all that stuff had to be out of the way.



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