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Octane Booster Help Please

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I'm planing a 300 mile road trip with my Super Snake, and I called all the gas stations along the way and no one has 93 octane available. The highest is 91. As far as I know my Snake runs only on 93 or higher which I have available here at home from Chevron.

Should I attempt to run 91?

Is octane booster safe to use?


Thanks for your advice!garage2013 010.jpg

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Depends on where you are going. 91 is as high as you will get at higher altitudes. Generally, high altitudes have gas with 2 points less than sea level.


Also, the ECU will compensate at normal driving behaviour. You are good down to 87/89 as long as you are just driving at highway speeds and not trying to drag race.

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Get some torco. Go to their web site. The stuff really work which is why you can't buy it in a store.. It is nice to have on trip just for piece of mind, just in case in a pinch got some weak gas or just want that extra power....

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