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Wanted To Trade 2014 Black Recaro's With Blue Accents


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Took delivery of my GT500 two weeks ago. It is all black. I think a nice, very simple mod would be to swap recaro's with someone who would like the all black. I'm in Phoenix. Bought new vehicle, only put 300 miles on so far.


Also, could questions... Still getting familiar with the car., sorry if they are silly questsions:

1. Go upgraded Nav and was surprised they didn't include the back up camera or sensors. Realize the car is a race car and they stripped out unnessary stuff, but anyone put this upgrade in? Easy?

2. Have the phone syned with bluetooth, but still like my phone handy and acessible. Anyone found a favorite phone mount? Pro Clip?

3. Anyone clear filmed the front end? How well did it work with the racing stripes?

4. Anyone fill in the air intakes with grills? Realize they were left open for air flow, but Arizona is a very rocky place and know the radiators will get destroyed with all the little rocks on the roads....


Thanks. New to the forum, looks like a ton of great info! Any Phoenix members, give me a shout!




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Custom car grills make inserts for the upper and lower. Some like them and some don't. I bought them but didn't like the way they mounted and had trouble with the sticky pads coming loose. I took them off. I believe someone will come out with something that looks and mounts better.

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Welcome to TS, good luck with the new ride.


Installed the grill inserts the day after I took delivery.




I Removed the upper grill, only takes a few minutes, makes the install a lot easier. Some basic mechanical skills & you'll figure it out. Used epoxy to hold the attaching plates in place. ( don't trust the double sided tape ) Used a larger ty-wrap than what came in the kit.

To do the bottom it would be good to have a lift or ramps. Follow the directions for the top of the insert, for the bottom, the stock grill tabs have holes in them, just large enough for the ty-wraps. Basic skills will get the job done.

..............( $ 60 is better than a 2K heat exchanger replacement bill )



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Congrats on the new Shelby - looks great! Enjoy.


Also, welcome to Team Shelby! There are lots of knowledgeable people here to help you with qestions or to get togehter.


If you have not had the chance, please consider registering your new GT500 with the Shelby Registry. It is free and helps document your car. See the link below.





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