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New To The Club And Need Some Help!!

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Guys i am new to the family as I just bought my 08 Shelby GT this month. I had some issues getting it purchased because of some new law in New York. The dealer i bought the car from said the exhaust had to be put back to stock GT style before it would pass the new 50 state green emmisions??? They spent some money doing it right but i thought it sucked to change how it was especially since the had to retune the car! My question is what came on it from Shelby? It had headers and an off road x pipe on it . Is this part of the package? They looked like BBK headers and a Mac x pipe so I am not sure. The car feels way different so I am looking for ways to wake it up. I plan on putting in a set of 4:10's and new mufflers as well as reinstalling the parts they took off. Thats right at least they gave them to me with the car. Any suggestions on what I should to for tunning or any other quick easy horspower mods. A whipple super charger is in my future! Thanks in advance for the help.

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The Shelby GT did not come with headers or an offroad X pipe. Shelby only changed the mid pipe with a nice X pipe and then the mufflers. The factory exhaust manifolds and factory converters would be how it came.

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