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Homelink Visor Retrofit Install

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I retro fitted the 2012-2014 Homelink lighted visors into my 2010 Shelby.


Got a pair of visors off eBay and the wiring harness out a 2012 GT (CR3T-14C585-BC)


This is the way the wiring is in the 2012-2014 for the visors.

You can leave the wiring harness for the dome lights in place.

The pigtails for the visors are on the rear view mirror harness. The harnesses run down the passenger side A-pillar.

The connector for this harness can be accessed behind the glove box. Remove the glove box for easier access and more room to work.


Note: To remove/install wires with pin/barrel intact the red insert must be removed/loosened first


Carefully remove the yellow/green wire from the old wiring harness with the pin intact.

On chassis side connector of the rear view mirror harness. Install the yellow/green wire in the next to gray/orange wire.

Route the wire to the bottom of the fuse box in the passenger side kick panel

Take the cover off the bottom middle connector of the fuse box (connector C2280D)

Find the yellow/green wire on the connector. (this is the load side of fuse#25 and goes through the battery saver relay)

Remove fuse #25

Splice the yellow/green wire from rear view mirror harness chassis connector to the yellow/green wire on connector C2280D

Re-install fuse #25


With doors open during the installation the battery saver relay has opened and killed power to the circuit. Either cycle the doors or turn the key to ACC.

Open mirror covers verify lights come. Push Homelink buttons and verify each LED lights up when button pressed.

You are now ready to program the buttons.


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