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Serpentine And Supercharger Belts Source?

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Where is the best place online to order the Serpentine and Supercharger belts for my 2007 GT500?

They have never been replaced and at 136K miles 7+ years it is probably time. My wife's Honda Pilot was purchased the same time as the GT500 and her belt failed a month ago.


Thanks Everyone,


MSBMustang / Mark

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Rock Auto ( http://www.rockauto.com/ ). One word of caution. If you order Goodyear, their blower and accessory belt numbers are reversed. NOT Rock, Goodyear's own catalog. I told them about it, they researched it and thanked me, but the last time I looked they were still wrong. I bought Gates standard duty from Rock. The green HD belts just seemed too stiff to me. But that's just an opinion, not a fact.



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Are JK6-873AB and JK10-847 the proper part numbers for the two belts?



Mark - I have not researched the accessory belt for our cars, but this is the oem S/C belt for my 2008.






I bought this belt from Ford so I would have a correct/original for my car, only to realize that when my car went through the Mod Shop in Las Vegas for the Super Snake upgrade and got a 2.8KB installed, the belt was changed to a different length. If you are interested shoot me a PM. I will sell this belt since I don't have a use for it now.




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