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40Th Anniversary For Sale On Ebay - Low, Low Reserve Met - Mint

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Shelby fans, just to pump this deal up a bit, this car is in perfect condition and has been babied since new. I could go on and on, but in essence, it is in perfect condition. It has two "pin" head paint chips, one in front bumper and one on back bumper, that have been touched up with original Ford touch up paint. You can't see them unless I point them out. That is it. It's perfect all over. Spit wipe clean under the frame, and in the engine compartment. Every car wash got a complete wipe down of engine compartment. I have a lift at home, so when I changed oil recently, I completely wiped down the underside. This car has been garaged and kept under cover for it's entire life, and in the last 2-3 years, less than a 1000 miles have been put on the car. I guarantee no one would be disappointed in this car at $50,000 let alone $40,000, or the current bid of $36,899. I am selling it only because I have others in the garage, and it just doesn't make sense for me to let it sit around, even if it appreciates in the years to come. I would love for a real Shelby fanatic to own it, but in the end, it goes to the low bidder. Here is link. Call me if any questions. Bid ends Wednesday, 5/7, at 2 pm CST.





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