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New Shelby Challenger Or Charger?

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What are the chances of a new Shelby Challenger or Charger?


My wife really wants a 2015 Challenger SRT. We have been looking at the 2014 and there is a lot of potential for a kick butt Shelby.


I have looked into the Saleen Challenger but would rather have a Shelby.

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LOL! Considering Carroll Shelby's 80's 4 bangers outran the Mustang 5.0's (as related to me by a number of Mustang 5.0 owners of the era), as well as IROC Camaros, (well, who DOESN'T outrun those?), ;) using an 8 cylinder would almost be like cheating! :lol:


Have a great weekend!

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By default, go with the Shelby. Try to find a balance and see if your wife can be truly happy with the Shelby....


However, remember......"If mama not happy, nobody happy"....


We already have a Shelby mustang. I was hoping I could send a challenger to Shelby to get Shelbyized. I know they will work on anything but if I can't get a CSM number then it is not worth it.

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