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2014 Official Eurotopia Events (Drives, Tracks, Shows, And More!)


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We are starting a new thread since our other thread is several pages long. For those who haven't heard of us Eurotopia hosts monthly driving related events throughout California. We have also branched out to include more events like car rallies, shows, track days, gokarting, and etc. Periodically we'll post our events here but to receive full event notifications it would be best to register on http://www.eurotopian.com

Our next event:


You can also follow us on the following social media sites:

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The results are in and here are the top three fastest drivers at our April 27th Eurotopia Gokart Challenge:

1st place: Will (mrdriver101)

2nd place: Ken (kenster)

3rd place: Pablo (bleen)


Here's the rest of the participants as well:




Our next event:

You are invited to the pre-rally show for The RUN's May 17th rally series from Malibu to San Diego. At the pre-rally show you can show your car, listen to some live DJ music, enjoy breakfast, and mingle with all the rally drivers before their send-off to San Diego.

Space is limited for this pre-rally show and you must reserve your free ticket by clicking on the image below. If you are interested in joining the rally from Malibu to San Diego please contact the organizer Malcolm Trotter at optimistrun@gmail.com


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We've got prizes/giveaways for the month of May and you won't want to miss out on them. There will be two separate ways to win prizes/giveaways and you can enter into both:

- May 23rd, the ROTM (Ride Of The Month) contest is free to enter.

- May 24th, there will be limited spots for a free car lift/corner balancing day.

You will find all the information below for both:


The top three popular cars by vote will receive prizes from Hero Motorsports and they are as follows:

- 1st place winner gets oil change job (motor oil, air filter, and labor) for their car (valued around $250 depending on car make/model).

- 2nd place winner gets motor oil, oil filter, and air filter for their car (valued around $150 depending on car make/model).

- 3rd place winner gets 2 quarts of motor oil for their car and Hero Motorsports & Eurotopia t-shirts (valued around $50)



Our sponsor Hero Motorsports (25 years in the automotive industry) has done it again! 996tt has stepped forward to host an event on May 24th, Saturday, at their Van Nuys location. They will be offering one free raffle per car for a chance to win multiple FREE* car clinic sessions in their 13,000 square foot facility.

If you are looking to work on your car (supervised by their mechanic) or corner balancing your car including a complimentary lunch and free giveaways then this event is for you!

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