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H0050 Shelby Bash Pictures


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Great shots! Thanks for posting. Nice to see all the variety of photos from this event. :camera::clapping:

We three Canadians really appreciate the tremendous amout of time you and your better half spent on the Moore parking. :salute::yup:

Too bad the MCA dropped the ball on the other activites presented to the attendees, the organizers event lacked the heart and dedication all of the Moore parking volunteers gave. :drop:

My 2 nickles. ( We removed the penny from our currency a while back). ;)

:banvictory: Canuck :camera: Kenny.

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Nice photos, Harald ... looks like you enjoyed yourself (I picked the MCA event over the Shelby Bash this year -- tough choice -- but enjoyed attending the gala event held at Shelby American last Friday evening).


Here's the Facebook photo album from my trip...

Nice photos thanks for sharing.


On the original Cobra CSX2000 you stated that Carroll was offered 26 MILLION for the first Cobra and he turned it down........Are you sure that number is correct? I always thought it was a lot less than that.

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