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2009 Shelby Gt500 (Ohio)

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What was weird in the Car Fax report?

Maybe someone here can help decipher it.



+1 post up what you've got and maybe we can help! My car had some discrepancies in the Carfax when I bought it and I got it straightened out :shrug:


Nice lookin' ride by the way!

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yup nothing weird about a low mileage bought my 09 with 2879 miles and I was the 3rd owner. LOL supercharger just got broken in. Now the car is a daily driver :shift:

Nothing weird about my 09 - except me - it doesn't go out in the rain - gets washed after every time it does - it stays indoors & covered when not in use - it still has the new smell - hi mileage (3150) - gets oil/filer changed every spring (appx. 600 to 700 mi) also it a 1 owner

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Nothing wrong with keeping the cars in the garage and with low mileage. Different strokes for different fokes. However my ticket was almost punched a couple of times in the military. So I drive mine every day, this way I enjoy her in case I don't wake up tomorrow. No offense to those who keep them in the garage. Just not my thing, even have snow tires on KR wheels for winter time.

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