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Crank Bolt Install - Definitive Answers?


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Hi, I have been looking for the correct installation directions for the crank balancer bolt:


I have found the sequence and someone on here has kindly directed it to me.


My questions are about:


1) Is it advisable to put Loctite on the threads?


2) Do you put silicone RTV on the bolt and washer?


I can't find the factory suggested or best technique anywhere regarding Loctite or sealant apart from some references to coating the threads to prevent heat transfer (?)


When I took the old bolt off there was so much RTV I had to try and cut and pull the old bolt out. Even when it was completely undone it kept springing back on the sealant!


So I was wondering why the factory put that on there? Looked like it was to keep the bolt/washer and pulley together. I can't imagine it's a seal as there's a seal around the crank snout.


I also don't get this "torque to yield" idea with tightening up, then backing off then tightening up to a lesser degree again. I'm sure I've done jobs like this before and just tightened and loctited the bolts. Must be a reason and I'm sure Ford know more than I do!


Anyways I was supplied with the wrong bolt - way too short - so I put the old one on for one drive yesterday but I have anew one on the way and won't be driving it until the new one is on.


Thanks again!


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I have the Ford instructions in my toolbox (I think!) and I can scan and email it to you if you'd like- just PM me your email address or I can post them here for others who may need them.


Don't overthink this job- it's not a big deal, just as long as you follow the Ford instructions carefully especially the torque sequence with a new bolt and it'll be ok!

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Cheers Secondo. Maybe it's worth posting here in case anyone else wants to know? I have been trying all kinds of search terms and I can't find the full Ford procedure for the life of me!


Will PM you as well.


Cheers, Malc

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The whole torque to yield thing seems like they are prestretching the fastener for some reason, its not something I have ever come across before.

Same with the 1 time use only rear suspension fasteners, seems unusual.


The instructions would be handy to know, just in case one decides to upgrade to a 10% over lower pulley/dampener.

Also, wonder if the other dampener manufacturers like Innovators West, ATI recommend.

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