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They Say The Second Go Around Is Sweeter .. I'd Agree !


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I owned a 2007 Shelby GT500 red with white stripes, shaker 500 that was ordered for me in July 2006 which I received on Dec 8th 2006. Thought I died and went to heaven ! !!


This car was sold twice by me, bought back once and I never should have sold it. But alas I did and have regreted it ever since.


Last summer two things happened to me. I came back to work for a ford store and I bought a 2013 Boss because it was "the" specialty mustang than( new Shelbys were out of my price range) so I bought a bright red Boss 302. The boss is a great car .... not real quick and I thought about buying a 07 GT500 but common sense said to get the new car with new techonolgy and new car warranty. I should have listened to my heart


Very nice car and handled supreme compared to the shelby. BUT it wasnt my red shelby.


So after permission from the wife and a month of hard looking I am now the new owner of a 2007 Shelby GT500 Red with white stripes and a shaker 500. I found the car on auto trader at a franchised dealer in Va. We negotiated the deal and I flew up last sunday to pick the car up. It was in better conditioned than I had anticipated and I am very happy once again to be back in the Shelby family.


The drive took 13 hours and I was up from 3:30am sunday till 1:10 am Monday. VERY LONG DAY.


But the car is safe and sound in my garage



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thanks everyone. Now I need to get it to look like my engine compartment of the old shelby. Trying to make a clone of my original. It will happen just takes time

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