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Stainless Works Headers


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Hey guys, i'm new to the forum so my apologies if this has been discussed before or im not doing something right.


I recently ordered Stainless Works headers and exhaust for my 13' GT500 and was wondering if anyone has any experience with these and if they like them?


I opted for the system with the off road H-pipe and no resonators....are my neighbors gonna hate me now?

Will it pass inspections without cats?

Will I have any engine codes now?



Any input you have is appreciated.


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We drove a buddies car out to Stainless works and they designed all of their systems off of his car. They had it for a little over a month. They have a very impressive shop and do incredible work. He is extremely pleased with his system. Yes long tube heads with an off road H pipe is LOUD. But not terrible at low speeds. As far as passing inspection, that depends what kind of inspections your state does. If they do a "sniffer" test, you will fail. I live in Ohio and they do not do any type of inspections here. Also you ABSOLUTELY need a tune for long tube headers and NO cats. You will throw a code and the car will not run properly without being tuned for the new exhaust and having the rear o2 sensors turned off.

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