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Rear End Swap 3:55 From3:73

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2nd question, same 2012 car--it has a 373 rear in it--my car has 355 gears...I like to drive around in 3rd alot, and im wondering if the 373 is too tall for me ,and ill be shifting alot more--also concerend about it more squirrely at traffic lights etc. Thoughts--also dealer says he can put in a 355, but not sure thats a good idea for reliabilty-or are there other things like tranny that are tuned in to rear Again,any thoughts would be helpful

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It's a pretty minor change. I went from 3.55 to 3.73 so I could put the car in 5th around town and not feel like it was lugging. Didn't change too much.




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wound up buying a 2014--it has 3:31 gears--im guessing they did that to stop folks from constanyly spinning tires on launch with 3:55s--Being delivered Friday


They completely changed the transmission gear ratios too. It allows a couple of things. A: As you suspect, it takes advantage of the greater torqe the '13/'14 produces; B: It allows a 0-60mph time in only first gear thereby removing the 1-2 shift lag for a faster 0-60 time (advertising advantage) and C: It allows a 1/4 mile ET with one less shift for a slightly quicker 1/4 mile time, again a advertising advantage.




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