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Gt500Kr - Feedback Requested

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I'm new to the forum and am looking for a really nice GT500 and ran across this GT500KR that has everything I'm looking for however this will be my first Shelby and I've been burned before and wanted to get as much input on this car before I contact the dealer? It's also listed on E-bay.




Ebay listing



My requirements are: stock, low mileage (<5K), no front license plate bracket and Nav (no longer a req. - as I am hearing the nav is less then desireable).




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Rus, that particular car has had some past damage. Ask the dealer to be specific about the car. This car has also been for sale for months. If the bids are up the 44k, the dealer should take it. I would avoid this one for your first Shelby. Just my $.02 Good luck with your search.

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You should have posted in the KR sub forum. We all know about that car.


The car was hit pretty hard in the rear. The body shop cut the car just before the rear axle and attached a new rear clip from another mustang. They did a really good job with the body work but, it has a history.

If you want a KR to have fun with, this car may be the one if the price is right.


If you're looking for an unmolested/undamaged KR, this one is not for you.


Stop by the KR forum and introduce yourself. We have a wealth of knowledge to share.

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