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Attention Shelby Gt-H Owners

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Getting ready for my "Man Sale" in a couple weeks and going thru "stuff" and found this. Forgot I even had it and I have never seen another one. Have you? Here is the story....I went by the local Ford dealer back in '08 and noticed a metal sign hanging in the Parts Department. It was an advertisement for Motocraft Oil and at the bottom was the GT-H. At the time, my friend was the parts manager and I told him I wanted that sign. I was collecting for a future "man cave." He told me he could not sell that one to me but to give him a few days to see if he could locate one. He told me that these signs were shipped to dealers from time to time and he never knew what he would get. About a week later he called me and told me he had found it in a catalog for Dealers Only and had ordered me one. Tonight is the second time it has been out of the box and still wrapped in its protective cover. Sign measures 23.5w x 35.5 I will try to figure out uploading picture of it but was curious if anyone had ever seen one of these. I am going to put it in my man sale as the man cave will have to be someone else's dream..lol


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I have one also. Love it. They were discussed many years ago here. There was a part number that you could order one through Ford. Definitely one of those must have items. Doubt that they would be available any longer, so would be a good sale item.

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