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Has Anyone Tried To Manually Remove Your Strips?

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The matte stripes are notorious for being hard to clean and keep clean. I've had the white patches show up before and think i actually used a baby wipe or interior wipe on it and it worked. Don't quote me on that and do some research before cleaning em. Also, they peel off easy if you want to get rid of the stripes. Peel much easier when hot like on a warm sunny day. Won't do any damage to the car or paint by gently peeling it off.

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From what I have read, the hardest part of removing the stripes is replacing the Shelby lettering on the trunk. Make a template of the letter positions before removing the letters and stripes. You will also need a roll of 3M mounting tape for the back of the letters. Hopefully someone will be able to supply a part number for the correct double-sided tape.

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