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Spare Tire..confusing Posts Just Want To Get One..


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Sorry but after reading through the past posts I cant decide on what to just get that will accommodate the wheel well in the trunk and will fit the front and rear of the car. I have no confidence in the old fix a flat currently offered.


So here it is...The cheapest wheel spare tire combination and jack that will fit.?? Don't care what it looks like. Guess I need a lug wrench too...


Thanks in advance..


2008 Gt500

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On my 2008 I used a stock 2008 GT500 wheel (about $100 used) and a stock Goodyear 255/45-18. It's the same diameter as the 285/40 on the back so you can use it at any corner. I think the contortions some guys go through to create a solution are nuts.


My combo fits in the well fully inflated (50 lbs actually). The one downside is that it sticks up above the well 1 1/2"-2". I actually like the pockets it creates at the sides of the trunk. They keep stuff from rolling around.


Any scissor jack from any auto store works just fine. I actually carry two in case the flat won't let you slide the jack under. I jack up the OK end then slide the other jack under the flat tire end.



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