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Looking For Answers About My Transmission Tsb Done


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Hello my name is manuel i own a 2009 shelby gt500, i bught the car on april 2013, a new trans and a new clutch was installed prior to sale, on feb this year the input shaft is damage and all the synchronizers are burn up, after talking to the dealer Texas Direct Auto in houston, they agree to help, they rebuild my trasmission with a new input shaft (BG600) from D&D performance, new synchronizers (BS6012C, BS6034H, BS6056H) New bearing input (BB4) and replace clutch KIT (7R3Z-7L596-A) and flywheel (9R3Z-6375-B) cylinder (4R3Z-7A508-AA), they finally call me yesterday and the car was ready to pick up, i drive for a few blocks and i fill a small vibation on 1st and 2nd gear, they say its normal but to be honest i dont know what to think anymore, i leave the car on the Dealer one more time saying that this is not normal for me and they promise that they are going to check the car again.


Can someone help me or help me to find anwsers please



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