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Ts Members In The Mca 50Th Registry Book


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Sent a picture of my car to MCA in December of 2013 with hopes it might make the Registry Book.


Link was sent to all that registered for the 50th event this week for early chance to purchase book for $20 in advance.


Clicked link to order book (not knowing if I made entry) and low and behold the image on the web site has my car as one of the eight featured for the book.


Took the guessing game out of it for me!


I hope a lot of us TS Members got our pictures in the book.



Now available for preorder the 50th Registry Book with over 900 Mustangs displayed at either Las Vegas or Charlotte Motor Speedway.. This unique book will be one of the major keep stakes of the 50th. Image having a yearbook of the event, with space for signatures and notes from your friends-new and old.

The pre-order price, for pickup up at the event merchandise location, is $20.00. The price at the event will be $25.00.

Order now, as the print of the 50th Registry will be limited.


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Their good at catching checks I have found. LOL


I hope all of TS members get our pictures in the book. It will be something special for those of who do. Hope yours makes it Ho and silly. And thanks Junkie I was happily surprised.

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From what I understand in talking with the folks doing the book, everyone that submitted a good usable photo, will have their car featured in the 50th Regisrty Book

Forgot to add, you gotta pay the $20.00 to add your photo to the Registry Book

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I agree with everyone here about being in the book after paying to just send a picture in.


Russ I had thought the same thing. All of us should be in the MORE parking (at least I am) and signatures would be cool. I thought of looking for some of the Mustang executives/designers and maybe have them sign the book. Problem is figuring out which TS members made the book while we are at the event as I doubt they listed under the picture what group we would belong to. It appears from the web site they have my name under the picture and then under my name is something else. Cannot tell if it is my year and make or my city and state.


Be something neat to hand down to my son who is always begging me to let him "drive the beast". He doesn't have his license yet but will before the year is out so then the real pressure starts between son and father. LOL.


Anyway back to the topic...........yes everyone should make the book if they spent the money and submitted a good photo.


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Guess I never seen that $20 email. I did try and e-mail the event organizer last week once I got the email about the book to see how cars qualified for it. Never herd back though, thanks for answering my question!!


The email was sent sometime in late November and the photo had to be submitted by December 12 or 13 if I recall. That's too bad you missed it and believe me your not the only one. A friend of mine is heading down there with me and we both are sending a form in this morning to be volunteers on Saturday and he also missed the deadline email. I think with the holidays coming a lot of people didn't see it or just plain forgot due to the time of year it was sent.


You can still always buy the book as I know my friend is. I planned on buying it not knowing whether I would make it or not. My feeling was for $ 20 why not try but since I am little guy and never been involved in any kind of MCA event and that such could be political that would not matter if I thought my picture was worthy or not.


I agree with what everyone is saying here - that if the picture is even half way decent it should be published since we paid a fee for it. I just know that my guessing game is over since mine was on the main web page.

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