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Shelby Gt 4 Catalytic Converters?

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So I take my car the the emissions testing here in Parker CO and it won't pass the visual because it is supposed to have 4 catalytic converters? The Sticker on the under side of the hood has the following info on it:Emissions Control System 2TWC(2)/2HO2S(2)/EGR/SFI


So the manager say my car should have 4 catalytic converters and 4 O2 sensors based on the language on the sticker. I have the 4 O2 sensors but the car only has 2 catalytic converters (duh it only came with 2). Then he proceeds to tell me that the car wasn't built for the street it is more of a race car. WTF as the owner I'm pretty sure I know what my car was built for. He failed it on visual inspections due to the lack of 4 converters. Funny thing is my car passed fine 2 years ago.


Suggestions? Jer?

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I believe your car has the wrong, mis-printed Emissions sticker. Some got through, back when the cars were built.

Send me an email reminder (JerG@ShelbyAmerican.com), and I'll overnight you the correct one (which looks like the attached photo)







Emissions SGT.jpg

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New manager at this location he has the crew visually inspect every vehicle. Must drive a Prius and have a thing against cool cars. So he fails my car on a visual and then one of his snapper head employees pulls my car out of the bay and starts taking pictures of my interior? I probably wouldn't have minded if he had asked but his boss had just lit my fuse so they all got a complainte filed on them. Probably won't matter since the Peoples republic of Colorado runs the program.


Thanks Jer I'll get you an email for the new sticker.

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I have no cats and my car passes here........thank you Jon Lund! :salute:

My car passed last time with the same tune, long tube headers and same catted mid pipe. Just takes one snapper head to screw the whole thing up.

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I took my Ford GT in twice now. Both times they asked me if I had a particular exhaust configuration that puts bumps where the cats should be. They enter the VIN and come up with a specific list of things they are supposed to look for. Not too easy to cheat with computers tracking stuff now.

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