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Does Anyone Have A Stock S/c Pulley For My 2012

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Sandy Sansing Mazda is willing to buy a Stock Super Charger Pulley for my 2012 Shelby. They are trying to put my car back to stock so I can take it back to Ford and try and get my Warranty Issues fixed. The car has the 1 to 2 Grind and a Screaming Demon for a rear end. They also need a STOCK X Pipe with Cats. They are going to buy a new one if they can not find one but they are having issues finding a Pulley. Let me know what you have and what it would cost THEM shipped to 32539. Thanks

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Why do you feel compelled to return everything to base? Warranty rules can't penalize you for failures that are not directly caused by the mod. If you feel your pulley change contributed to the drive train failures then maybe you should (and they will likely figure it out anyway) but there is no way a different exhaust could. Those are well documented failure modes. Restoring everything back to stock (and back again, I'm assuming you want the mods back) might end up costing as much as repairs if they ding you on them.

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I was told by Ford Warranty Division to return the car to stock before the warantty would/could be reinstated and further maintenance performed. I fought the whole exhaust cant affect a trans issues man. Ford/Shelby/Warranty division dont give a rats ass about us. I am living proof of that. I was talked down to, had my car driven without permission, had my driving, as well as the previous owners driving of said vehicle questioned, use of car questioned, had my car set outside for 2 weeks idle while waiting, told that upgraded rear control arms would void the rear end warranty as well, and basically told "Your car is Modified and so is your Warranty, Return the car to stock". Sandy sansing sold me the car Illegally without Ctas, they are making it right by paying to return my car to a facotry condition. I will be returning the car to current settings on my own. I think at this point in time I am only doing it to stick it back up Fords ASS. The amount of money spent on these vehicles and to hear the warranty division (Heather Racik) scrambbling for reasons to void a warranty and not repair known issues just makes me want to throw up.


On a different subject....while this was going on with my Shelby, we purchased a Certified Preowned 2010 F-150 Platinum for the same Dealership, Hub City Ford and while inspecting the truck we noticed the rear power sliding window was broken, it will not open/close and is basically free floating. They appologized for not catching it on their "inspection", They looked into it, decided to order a regulator and did. The wife took the truck in first thing in the morning and added that the passenger side heater does not blow hot, only cold. They dicked around all day, called her at 5 and told her it was not the regulator but the window itself, and during all this time noone could look into the heater. She would need to make a new appointment for that. Needless to say she was pissed. We will not be using them for anything from here on. She asked to speak to the Head Honcho of the Dealership and was sidelined by the assistant and never got to talk to him. They all know I am extremely pissed off at them. DO NOT USE HUB CITY FORD FOR ANYTHING!!!!!

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Sad to say that if dealers see any modification work they can decline to do any work or use those modifications as an excuse to NOT perform any warranty work. That's the only downside of modding a car while it's under warranty. Now there are some dealers who would over look modifications if its not directly associated with the warranty problem.


Max Max

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