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Atco Yesterday - Little Better With 11 Gt500 Tvs


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I took my 590rwhp SAE 2011 GT500 Convertible on Street Tiresicon1.png with a TVS swap to ATCO on 2/23 and on my only pass got locked out of 2nd and ran:

2.18 60'
8.84@94.18 1/8th
12.93@122.93 1/4

In the interim I installed solid metal bushings in my stock shifter and it seems to have helped with the 1-2 grind.

Yesterday 3/15th I tried again on street tires, 60 degree weather again.
1st pass I had just pulled in off the street and had not aired my tires down, BIG MISTAKE
I should have skipped that pass.
I got a clean 1.95 60', then on a hard 1-2 the rear came around and almost put me in the wall. This carlb_icon1.png can not take a 1-2 shift on street tires.
I finished the pass anyway in 3rd hitting the rev limiter
8.56@84.96 1/8th
12.81@114.65 1/4

I was racing my neighbor's 2007 GT500 with 660rwhp SAE, he ran a 12.40@128.26 on a 2.20 60'.

2nd run I aired my tires down to 28# and short shifted to 2nd, not taking a chance on the wall again.
1.99 60'
8.04@96.42 1/8
12.07@124.09 1/4

Ran my neighbor again on that pass, but his car shut off at mid track and he coasted to a 13.2@101.

I ran one more pass against my neighbor, again short shifting the 1-2 (my son calls me a wuss, but I am drivingicon1.png my car home in one piece)....
We both bogged to 2.1 60's
his 1/8 was 8.21@96.77 and mine was 8.35@97.12
his 1/4 was 12.13@12.13@124.17 and mine was 12.43@123.89

I have vids, but they are blurry, I will cleanicon1.png them up and post them.

Moral, these carsicon1.png are not easy to get down the 1/4 on street tires.


Video (my buddy's car shut off at midtrack)



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