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Will These Tires Fit On Stock Wheels?


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I would like to change to MPSS, and was told a different size would help out with traction. New sizes are 275/35/19 & 295/35/20. I have stock wheels, tires & brakes now, SVTPP. Can I switch sizes without altering anything else at this point? I didn't know who else to ask, didn't want to rely on some random tire store guy who probably doesn't know much about these cars.

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The tires will "fit", presuming MPSS 295s are spec'd for 9.5" wheels. You're going to alter your rake however by lowering the front end about 1/3 inch. Look to stay as close to the OE diameters of approximately 27 and 28" front and rear. Or even better, go with the Ford Racing SVTPP 19x10 rears or some other staggered width setup on 19s all around and make the axe both ride and handle almost immeasurably better.

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If you go with the super sports go 275/40 19 up front the 265/40s are not as wide as the stock goodyears. They are actually about 3/4" narrower

On the rears go 285/35 20 stock size

You will not be disappointed

I just dumped my goodyears and it is night and day difference!

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