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Info On Csm 08Kr0754


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I know it's a long shot, but I'm looking to see if anyone has any info on this KR (silver/blue). I am hoping for any and all information that any buyer would like to know. I am helping a friend track down a KR and this may be the one. I don't expect any derogatory information to be posted publicly, so PMs would work best if you have any information of this sort.


Thanks in advance!

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Thanks to everyone who posted. KR09 was locating the information for me. I did purchase this CSM#






Hello AK,


Congrats on one of the BEST creations that ever came out of SAI.


Not sure what region you are in, but check your local area threads for activities near you.


And post up some :camera: in the photo section.


Your user name, Alcan, anything to do with Alaska/Yukon/Canada?



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Hello everyone and thank you for the warm welcome.


KR09 is a friend of mine and helped me through the process of finding this beautiful machine. I recently sold my Torch Red 07 so I could pick this up.


I do live in Alaska and once lived along the Alcan Highway, hence the name. I'm a long time member of the FordGT500.com forum where I was know as AlcanCobra, but recently changed it to AlcanKobRa...it fits pretty well I believe.


The car should be here in a few weeks, it has to travel from IA to WA then float up to Alaska. I'm really looking forward to it. There are many GT500s in Alaska, but only a very few of these, if any. I've only seen one other in the eight years I've been here and that one belonged to a fighter-jet pilot.



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