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Hello Ts! New Guy Here W/ 2011 Kona Blue Gt500


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Traded in my Tundra pickup and purchased on 12/2013 from a local BMW Dealer. 1 owner with 23xxx miles. Paid $39k OTD.

w/ Tech package, SVT perf package, Strip delete, and intake resonator delete. Clean Carfax and overall really clean tradein.


Work performed by me:

-Installed JLT oil separator on passenger side

-Installed AiRaid Blue dry air filter

-Installed 07-09 GT500 OEM front strut brace

-Replaced Cabin air filter

-Changed oil and filter, switched to Amsoil 10w-40 full syn

-Drained & filled transmission with Amsoil ATF full syn

-Drained & filled rear differential with Amsoil gear oil 75w-140 full syn with slip lock additive (time consuming PITA by the way, not looking forward to doing this again)

-Replaced OEM semi-metallic front and rear brake pads with Posi-Quiet Ceramics pads (less brake dust and noise, yay!)

-Replaced OEM shift handle and shift knob with Hurst straight shift stick and Hurst shift knob (have not driven the car yet, as it was installed same day with rear diff fluid change)

-Craigs Custom no-drill front license plate bracket


Parts on the way:

-2013 GT500 upper grille


To do list:

-Replace stock Goodyear rubber



Power and torque


Tech package

Sleeper looks



1st to 2nd gear shift is very notch-y (have not driven since mods above however)

Really noisy in parking garages


Still slower than a M6***


Anyway hi! I've been lurking here and over @ SVT Performance since I purchased my Shelby. Love the community and information here. I look forward to my stay. Before you ask, it's not my D/D.


***About 4 weeks into owning it, I had an opportunity to race a BMW M6 Coupe (year unknown but 2012+ body style, it had Dealer plates) from a stop. I left T/C on, and we took off. I had some pretty bad spin into 2nd, and by 3rd gear he was already pulling on me. 3rd gear also saw some wheel spin but much less. By that time, it was too late, and he was gone. Granted that car has 560 hp, 7 speed DSG, and costs $125,000 new. It's curb weight is also 250+ lbs more than us. :)

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Welcome aboard! Great people in TS, with tons of experience and insight to share. As you've already been bitten by the Mod bug, you are well on your way to the fun that goes along with the power that makes our cars so special.

Keep her in a straight line (when/where appropriate) and enjoy the miles, brother.



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As EQ said welcome to TS.


Quinn can attest to the mod bug as I have been pulling on his ear lately. Once you get snake bit there is no recourse but to continue.


Lot of great advice and people here. I am the type of guy who always paid someone to fix my cars and since being on this site I am paying attention to what others are doing and paying myself now to change the car. Much greater satisfaction knowing you did it yourself. As to the BMW......just remember he didn't win........you just put smiles on two different faces therefore your both winners.

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Welcome. As for the M6... put better shoes on your car and run that race again. The M6 loses that race 9 times out of 10 if you can hook up, but that won't happen with the Goodyear's.

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I will try to get some pics this weekend. Right now she is very dirty. :)


I just got back from taking her out on a short spin with the new Hurst straight shifter stick/knob. Holy crap!!!!! It's like a whole new car. That grind/notch from 1-2 is all but gone. Maybe the Amsoil helped too, I dunno. Either way. I am extremely pleased with the results since total cost was only $82 shipped from core-shifters.com. Totally worth it. Removing the stock shift ball was a biatch though.


Each shift is positive, short, crisp, and makes a nice "click" sound every time I change gears (the sound is akin to the Ferrari manual click noise). I love it. Why did Ford make that stupid handle curved??? Now I just need to go buy some foam to insulate the extra noise coming out of the tranny. This is the Only downside to this mod.

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